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Where punk rockers come to die...

World Wide Punk
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"Fuck all you pricks at World Wide Punk....

It's anything but punk unity....its a bunch of fascist, bigot, over-aged assholes trying to make the scene shit."
4-skins, 999, abrasive wheels, adicts, adolescents, adverts, agent orange, alien sex fiend, alternative lifestyles, alternative tv, anal cunt, anarcho-punk, anarchy, angelic upstarts, anti-heros, anti-nowhere league, anti-pasti, art attacks, articles of faith, bad brains, beer, black flag, blanks 77, bleach boys, blitz, boots, buzzcocks, captain sensible, chaos uk, chaotic dischord, chelsea, circle jerks, cock sparrer, cockney rejects, combat 84, computers, conflict, crass, d.o.a., dead boys, dead kennedys, devo, discharge, diy, dropkick murphys, eater, english dogs, fear, fishnets, flipper, forgotten rebels, fugazi, gbh, generation x, gg allin, government issue, hair-dye, hardcore, husker du, iggy pop, indie, infa-riot, jesus lizard, jilted john, johnny rotten, johnny thunders, joy division, last resort, les stitches, lower class brats, lurkers, major accident, minor threat, mohawks, mp3s, music, naked raygun, oi, one way system, oxymoron, partisans, patches, pere ubu, piercings, plastic bertrand, poison idea, politics, punk, punk rock, punks, ramones, rancid, red london, reggae, riot squad, rock, rudimentary peni, safety pins, scratch acid, sewing, sex pistols, sham 69, shows, sid vicious, ska, skinheads, skrewdriver, slaughter and the dogs, stiff little fingers, street punk, subculture, tape-trading, tattoos, television, the 101'ers, the avengers, the birthday party, the boys, the casualties, the clash, the damned, the devotchkas, the dils, the drones, the exploited, the fall, the germs, the gonads, the macc lads, the misfits, the queers, the ruts, the stitches, the unseen, the varukers, the vibrators, the violators, toy dolls, uk subs, vice squad, vinyl, vodka, wesley willis, whiskey, wine, wire, x, x-ray spex